Coaches exchange a great deal about what they do and how this works (or not) for their clients. Most do coach from the insight that feelings and emotions are so many indications that a topic is relevant. Sadness may accompany the realisation of a price paid for past choices, joy may break through when gazing at the greater vision of oneself. Darkness reigns where saboteurs keep in check a deeper longing for change. Inner saboteurs react from moral indignation or proffer well ment advice. “Don’t ever change”, they say, “better be safe than sorry”. What they actually say is: You’ll be excluded from the joy that comes with personal growth, with living your greatest potential, with sharing with the world the gift that you are…
What do you need to live in joy?

“Life begins at the end of you comfort zone” (N. D. Walsh)

Shall we soon meet again and celebrate whatever comes up?